Raising The Bar

I enjoy living in San Pedro near the ocean; however, there is room for improvement in this town. Ideas for an even better San Pedro usually come to me after I have visited a hip city that seems to have it together. Since our family has put our roots here, I advocate for changes that are important to me.

Most people have their own vision of what they would like to see happen in San Pedro and variety is one of the reasons I like this town. I think most of us want to live in a clean and safe city. Having pot holes fixed, trees trimmed and getting the police to respond to calls in a timely manner are basic responsibilities of the city that we have paid for through taxes.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been improvements in San Pedro, but it needs to continue. I have lowered the bar on my expectations of San Pedro unknowingly over the years and I know I am not alone. I have had the attitude that I will take whatever I can get in regards to improvements. While we are part of Los Angeles, other areas in the city do not all share these low expectations. In these areas, you will not find a sidewalk raised up three feet by a city tree like we have on 14th Street. With the economy, expectations are even lower and the reason for lack of progress always seems to be money.

Take for example tree trimming. I have heard for years that trees are not being trimmed because of lack of money. After every storm or a big wind, palm fawns make a huge mess that city workers clean up. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just trim the palm trees? I know I have a greater chance of seeing Big Foot than a tree being trimmed by the city, but since they planted all these trees they need to take care of them. If you go to other areas of Los Angeles and other towns, trees are being trimmed. The overgrown city tree in front of my house is a realization of my lowered expectations.

My vision of San Pedro includes wanting to rent competitively priced stand-up paddleboards on the water for my family. Currently, I drive to Seal Beach to rent boards for me and my kids, the shop is located right on the water so it is user friendly. I have rented a board in San Pedro but had to have it delivered to the beach because the shop is not allowed to rent at Cabrillo Beach and my son was not allowed to ride on it per the shop. Other beach and port cities have water rental recreation but in San Pedro it is lacking and not convenient, even though we are a beach town.

Safety is also a concern and I would like to see more of a focus by the LAPD on drug enforcement. While I know crime and drugs are in every town, we have more than our fair share here. Drug enforcement does not seem like a priority in San Pedro until somebody has a gun and the helicopters are flying around again. Maybe LAPD can be more responsive to the residents in San Pedro and the many concerns they have in their neighborhoods. I would like to know what vision LAPD has, if any, for San Pedro.

I can go on about my vision for this great town, like adding sidewalk cafes, having reasonably priced theater for children and creating a Mexican Cultural Center. What is your vision of San Pedro? If you do not share your ideas, then they are just thoughts that nobody will hear. Share your vision with your Councilman; tell him that you are raising the bar.

To reach Councilman Joe Buscaino, visit www.la15th.com or call (310) 732-4515. spt

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