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The number of For Rent signs in downtown hasn't changed much in more than five years (photo by Megan Barnes).

Downtown Hasn’t Shaken its Vacancy Problem

Downtown San Pedro looks a lot different than it did half a decade ago. Trolleys run up and down cleaned streets under crisscrossing lights that have given the area new charm. Just two months ago, the streets were blocked off […]

The Street With No Name (1948) featured the old Ferry Building.

Backlot San Pedro

The city of San Pedro has a list of television and film credits that


Downtown’s Living Museum

[caption id="attachment_3044" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="The "Once Upon A Book..." display at Williams' Book Store in downtown is one of many window displays the San Pedro Bay Historical Society

San Pedro Spirits

I didn’t party in high school, unless you count that one mishap-ridden hangout at a friend’s house the night before graduation when I decided to mix whiskey, a

That’s So Pedro

San Pedro is a very unique place with a culture that is extremely specific to our little part of Los Angeles. As San Pedrans, there are certain experiences

Where Are The Future Leaders Of San Pedro?

Some of my fellow columnists may disagree with me, but I’m probably the biggest cheerleader in this magazine. “I love progress, yes I do. I love progress, how

Meet Me in San Pedro

When the temperature finally dips below 70 and I am forced to wear close-toed shoes, I know that holiday movie season is just around the corner. My absolute

A Tour a Ghost Would Die For

There is nothing more synonymous with the month of October than pumpkins and a good ghost story. If you think about it, ghost stories are just histories that

Rosary Novena for World Peace

Everyone is welcome to join us in the parish center fireside room as we pray for World Peace &

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