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Some Things Are Meant To Be

In March, I wrote a column about Tripod, our 14-year-old, three-legged dog. Originally, she wasn’t supposed to have been ours at all, but some things are just meant to be. I found her in Banning Park as a four-month-old red-brown […]

Come See & Touch the Future at PortTechEXPO

A solar concentrator dish that can burn through a one-inch thick solid steel block (at 2,650º F), create steam to run a turbine, or recycle wastewater for reuse;

San Pedro: Constantly Evolving, Yet Grounded in History

“Like the Pacific Ocean lapping at its shores, the community of San Pedro is ever-changing… the only constant is that its culture, economy and environment are, as always,

The Future Will Be All About Electricity

If you’re like me, you’ve pretty much taken electricity for granted. However, after a couple of recent extended power outages in our neighborhood, I really began thinking about

Tripod (photo Herb Zimmer)

Tripod: Our Loveable Inspiration

It was December 9, 1999, when she came into our lives. I was leaving a meeting at the Banning Museum, crossing Banning

A Little Story About Serendipity

It's funny how things happen. There we were, ensconced in premium box seats on a beautiful, sunny Thursday afternoon at the Hollywood Bowl. Esa-Pekka Salonen was on stage conducting

Can Government Be Run Like A Business?

Over the last few months we’ve all heard and read a lot of political rhetoric advocating that government should be run like a business, and that electing a

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