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Missing: Harbor College Hall Of Fame Inductees

Richard Johnson, where are you? Working on the Harbor College Athletic Hall of Fame committee these past five years has been rewarding, but it has its challenges. Chief among them is actually finding the people nominated so they can take […]


Sleeping In Dirt

What happens when 15 “Pedro Boy” dads decide to take 25 of their kids to Catalina Island for a two-night camping trip without maternal supervision? This is what

Seeing San Pedro’s Future Through Its Past

Celebrating a 125 years of San Pedro, for me, begins with thoughts of my grandfather, Domenico Costa, emigrating from Ischia, Italy, back in 1920, and my father Tony

San Pedro: Constantly Evolving, Yet Grounded in History

“Like the Pacific Ocean lapping at its shores, the community of San Pedro is ever-changing… the only constant is that its culture, economy and environment are, as always,

Party Like It’s 1988

Happy 125th Birthday, San Pedro! There’s no way to predict what the next 125 years will bring, but I strongly believe that in the next 25 years we

Happy 125th Birthday, San Pedro!

So I know, I’m still on probation. I have lived in San Pedro for twenty-two years, and raised three adult children here – but next to so many of


PARENTIPS: Surviving Summer

Ahhhh… the dog days of summer will soon be upon us. For parents, this means long days of kids bumming around the house bored and restless and even


Golden State Pops Bring ‘Star Wars’ to the Warner Grand

On the heels of its sold-out May celebration of noted film music label Varese Sarabande Records, the Golden State Pops Orchestra – which focuses on live concert performances

Beer Belly, Battle Scars And Dad Strength

Growing up, I thought my dad was the strongest man alive. He had the brawn forged from decades of hard work, toil, and sport. He had the cartoonishly

San Pedro Spirits

I didn’t party in high school, unless you count that one mishap-ridden hangout at a friend’s house the night before graduation when I decided to mix whiskey, a

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