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L.A. City Proposes Sales Tax Increase

Watching our government operate in crisis management mode is disappointing considering the issues facing our nation. I mean, was it really necessary for us to have to spend our New Years Eve and New Years Day watching the hourly updates […]

2012: A Year in Review (December 2012 Cover Story)

It was a year of incredible change and transformation for San Pedro.

A year of gains, losses and continued tradition. The waters

Can Government Be Run Like A Business?

Over the last few months we’ve all heard and read a lot of political rhetoric advocating that government should be run like a business, and that electing a

Hahn’s Bi-Partisan Congressional Caucus

A rollercoaster of emotions might be the best way to describe Janice Hahn’s entry into the United States Congress. When she first announced her intention to run, many political

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