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The Comfortable Rut: The Worst Place to Be

I suppose in October, the month of ghouls, goblins and generally everything that scares us, it’s only fitting to talk about fear. For now, I’ll talk about mine. Be ready. It was nearing the end of 2005 and I was […]

Food Is Evil (And Other Lies)

What I’m about to tell you isn’t particularly groundbreaking information, but the thing is, most people don’t know it. It’s astounding how we can know so little about

The Price Of Dramatic Results

What would it take to get dramatic results? The kind of results people go on reality television shows for; the kind of results that people chase relentlessly but can’t

Why We Fail

Another year has flown by and here we are scratching our heads (again) at how unfathomably fast time passes. It’s 2013 and the world hasn’t ended despite the Internet

36 Workouts

Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach. –

You’re Only As Fit As You Decide To Be

If you were asked what the most important benefit to exercising and eating right was, what would you say? Over the years, I’ve had a few injuries. I’ve broken

Why We Get Fat in the Fall

October is upon us and with it brings another holiday season. Everything will come in “pumpkin spice” or “gingerbread," jars of mini-size chocolates and cookie trays will abound.

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